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New biomarkers identified for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

New biomarkers identified for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)Research from the University of Cincinnati has helped to identify biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  The discovery could ultimately help those who have not shown symptoms of IBD through early diagnosis and subsequent intervention.

The research team were able to identify those who developed IBD and then utilised the U.S. Department of Defence Serum Repository to study various biomarkers, seeing what each person had in common.

The team, led by Dr Bruce Yacyshyn, used the DoDSR to identify 50 cases of Crohn’s disease and 50 cases of ulcerative colitis.  Proteins from numerous samples were analysed, with the results showing that high levels of certain proteins were found in those who developed IBD.

Dr Yacyshyn commented, “Although the presence of proteins in those who develop Crohn’s disease varies from those present in ulcerative colitis patients, we were able to chow that there were elevated levels of certain proteins in patients who developed IBD.”

Reference: www.labtestsblog.com


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