Cardiovascular Risk Factors

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Researchers look into the association between metabolic syndrome and heart disease

Researchers have discovered an increase in death due to heart disease in men with metabolic syndrome, even in men who have no history of heart disease or diabetes. Metabolic syndrome (Read the full article)

Cardiovascular Risk Factors | Health

Skipping breakfast may increase risk of coronary heart disease

The results of a study over two decades in the making have shown that males who skip their breakfast have a higher risk of suffering a heart attack or even (Read the full article)

Cardiovascular Risk Factors | Health

Mob boss Gandolfini’s death highlights need for cardiac risk awareness

The untimely death of James Gandolfini, star of the hit show ‘The Sopranos,’ illustrates some important health factors.  Currently being reported as a suspected heart attack, the Emmy and Golden (Read the full article)