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Aberystwyth University: Why we bought the Randox RX daytona+

The first quarter of 2014 has seen Aberystwyth University purchase and install Randox’s RX daytona+ clinical chemistry analyser. Researcher Dr Kenton Hart discusses his research interest along with how the (Read the full article)

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C-reactive Protein (CRP) levels and smoking in late adolescence

Although illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone below the age of 18 within the UK, children are still smoking. By 15 years of age it is reported that 11% (Read the full article)

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km23-1 protein is linked to CRC cell’s capacity to invade other cells

A new study from Penn State’s College of Medicine may lead to new treatments of colorectal cancer (CRC).  Professor Kathleen Mulder believes that the km23-1 protein is used in the (Read the full article)