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Event Highlights: Obesity from a Physiological Perspective

The Randox Research Division recently had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 2014 Physiological Society conference titled: ‘Obesity: A Physiological Perspective‘ held at St James Park, home of premiership football (Read the full article)

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Randox Research proud to sponsor ‘Cardiovascular Nutrigenomics’ symposium

Randox Research recently sponsored Dr Richard Siow’s symposium titled: Cardiovascular Nutrigenomics: Perspectives for ageing, health span and beyond, which made up one of the sessions of the 2014 Annual Meeting (Read the full article)

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Randox Laboratories launch NEW corporate video

A message from Randox Laboratories’ Managing Director Dr Peter Fitzgerald: Randox succeeds because of our combined passion and commitment to our ethical quest to improve health around the world. As (Read the full article)