Diagnostics Industry


Throughout its 100‐year history the IBMS has been known by several different names. Each change in name has reflected the changing professional landscape of the time. From the mid‐1930s the PBLAA sought to achieve a more formal status. With the agreement of the UK government’s Board of Trade, in the mid‐1940s the PBLAA would become the Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology (IMLT). This reflected the view of many members that the terms ‘pathologist’ and ‘bacteriologist’ were inaccurate and limiting in representing the scope of the work undertaken by members. The transformation from PBLAA to IMLT necessitated the organization abandoning its function as an employment bureau. Instead the IMLT would focus on formalizing qualifications and training for laboratory assistants, setting up an Examining Board overseen by representatives of the IMLT and PathSoc Read more>

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