Lab Tests Online Highlights

As we begin to wind down another successful year at Lab Tests Online, I wanted to share a few highlights:

1.       Lab Tests Online celebrated its 10th year by serving its 100 millionth visitor, and is on target to increase traffic by 16% this year. For the year, total traffic is expected to be 24 million.

2.       We launched LabTestsOnline-M, the mobile version of the site, on both iOS and Android platforms. The app has been downloaded by more than 1300 users since its launch in July. A second version is already being planned.

3.       Lab Tests Online again received substantial exposure in the media, including a spotlight in Vitality magazine’s “Guide to Healthy Websites”.

4.       After 10 years on the same technology platform, Lab Tests Online successfully transitioned to a new platform that greatly improves the publishing process and enhances our ability to generate the data feed needed to support efficient app development in other languages.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that Lab Tests Online will be further recognized as a model for health literacy, and expect that the site will play a vital role as new federal rules enable patients to gain direct access to their lab tests results.

With all this in mind, I want to thank you for your support this year, and remind you that we at AACC and our partnering associations look forward to continued support from Randox in 2012.  Corporate sponsorships are the cornerstone of Lab Tests Online. It is your funding that has given us our success, and we will continue to acknowledge your role at every opportunity.

George B. Linzer
Executive Producer | Lab Tests Online

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