Laboratory Quality Control

Using laboratory quality control to maintain accuracy

Using laboratory quality control to maintain accuracyIn order for test results in your laboratory to be accurate, you must implement checks to ensure that proper analysis is being carried out. Each analysis must be able to be traced back to a standard method which is consistently used by all involved in the process. Good laboratory quality control standards can be used to implement and maintain this.

Many laboratories work cohesively together to help develop a standardised methodology that can be used across the industry which helps deliver the same results. Laboratory quality control also extends to clients, who must ensure that their samples are taken with clean supplies and collected properly.

All laboratories should have a Quality Control program in place. Doing so helps to continually make improvements to current analysis methodology, ensuring that analysis remains at high quality levels.

Randox is one of the largest manufacturers of Quality Controls in the world. Its product range includes their own-branded Acusera portfolio of controls and calibrators, customised material for individual laboratories and External Quality Assessment.

The Acusera range of Quality Controls and Calibrators covers over 300 parameters and guarantees excellent performance. Principle control products include: Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay, Urine, Lipids, Cardiac, CSF, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Toxicology. Randox also provide inter-laboratory data management with the Acusera 24.7 programme, which has been designed to complement and support the Acusera range of internal quality controls.


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