National Pathology Year 2012

National Pathology Year 2012 is an opportunity for pathologists and scientists to hold events throughout the year. It will also be an opportunity to develop relationships with schools, science centres and museums so that pathologists can contiue promoting pathology for many years to come. To give some focus to the year and to provide some inspiration we have developed a series of monthly themes.

January – New Year’s Resolutions
Have you resolved to eat more healthily, cut down on your alcohol intake or take more exercise? Why not organise an event on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle?

February – Love your Heart
Many pathology specialties have a link to heart health with a role in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of heart disease.

March – Mothers and Babies
March’s theme highlights the role of all the pathology specialties in keeping mothers and babies healthy, but also includes other issues relating to women’s health.

April – Parasites and Pathogens
Are you a pathologist or scientist working to identify, diagnose and treat infectious diseases? Why not organise an event to showcase the work that you do?

May – Healthy Lungs
This month’s theme covers a wide range of pathology specialties, with issues like smoking, asthma, occupational lung disease, exercise and organ transplants.

June – 50 Years of Pathology
The Royal College of Pathologists is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! We look back at how pathology has changed over the past 50 years and look forward to another 50 years.

July – Happy Holidays
Too much sun, food and alcohol on holiday? We focus on the importance of staying safe and healthy on holiday, while also looking at the tropical diseases you could bring back with you.

August – Olympic Fever
To celebrate the Olympics we look at how pathology is involved with sports science, including how muscles develop, what makes an athlete and drugs testing.

September – Diet and Disease
With obesity, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, superfoods and allergies there are a whole range of topics to inspire you to organise an event in September.

October – Cancer Screening
Pathology has an important role in cancer screening programmes for cervical, breast and colon cancer. Why not organise an event to highlight the importance of screening?

November – Blood Counts
From blood typing to blood tests, blood disorders and blood donation, there are lots topics to choose from when organising an event in November.

December – A Year of Pathology
As we approach the end of 2012, we take a look back at the events that have taken place during the year, and look forward to what the future holds for pathology.


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