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NCRI Cancer Conference: Event Highlights

NCRI Cancer Conference Event HighlightsRandox Research recently attended the annual NCRI cancer conference held in the BT Convention Centre, Liverpool.  The National Cancer Research Institue brings together delegates from a wide range of disciplines all covered by the oncology umbrella.

Randox Research staff Allen Huxley and Liam Thomas had the pleasure of showcasing Randox’s revolutionary multiplex biomarker technology as well as attending many of the fascinating talks throughout the four days of the conference.  The main highlight of the conference was the Lifetime Achievement award presented to Professor Ron Laskey.  As part of this award, Professor Laskey gave a fantastic overview of his life in research, focusing on his ground-breaking work on the regulatory processes within the cancer cell nucleus.

There were numerous excellent sessions throughout the duration of the conference.  Professor Caroline Dive (University of Manchester) chaired and presented within a session that dealt with circulating biomarkers within the context of using this information in order to personalise therapy, detect early relapse and undercover new mechanisms that subjects become resistant to their drug regime.  This cutting edge area is currently a very hot topic within oncology and deals with the detection of either Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) that break off from a tumour and enter into the subjects’ bloodstream or the detection of ‘free’ DNA which is released when cancer cells die and are subsequently replaced.

Professor Fran Balkwill (Queen Mary University of London) led a session that explored the often complicated link between inflammation and cancer.  In certain instances, inflammatory processes can be used to help fight primary tumours; unfortunately, if the tumour returns it can actually use the inflammatory response to grow more aggressively. We also heard how neutrophils, one of the specialist immune cells within the body, can help tumours metastasise.  A further session exploring the role of the immunotherapeutics reviewed how the power of the immune system can be harnessed to attack cancer.  Dr Christian Blank presented results from early stage clinical trials which showed that targeting specific molecules on the surface of both tumour and immune cells at the same time actually ended up killing more cancer cells.


The Randox Research Division would like to thank the NCRI for organising a excellent conference and giving us the opportunity to exhibit our range of products that have numerous applications in the oncology field.

If you would like to learn more about how Randox Research are improving clinical and research outcomes through the use of the award winning Biochip Array Technology, please visit www.randox.com and download one of our many brochures available.

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