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The blossoming relationship between Twitter and #science

Scientists and researchers can share news and updates instantly using TwitterWith the rise, availability and simplicity of new social media platforms, it’s easy for your granny to log on and let the world know how big her youngest grandchild is getting.  So it stands to reason that other segments of society are doing the same.  One such group are scientific researchers who, whilst having dedicated social networks such as Mendeley and specialised groups on LinkedIn, are beginning to see the benefit of Twitter.

By using the micro-blog, researchers can immediately connect with each other and others interested in their work.  As David Shiffman, from the University of Miami and co-author of ‘The role of Twitter in the life cycle of a scientific publication’ states; “social media, which allows information to be shared instantly around the world, gives internet-savvy scientists the ability to drastically accelerate the pace of scientific communication and collaboration.”

Are you an active user of Twitter?  Has it changed the way you access and share information?  Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to follow @RandoxLabs on Twitter for news and updates on Randox events and products, as well as recent news from the diagnostics industry.

Reference: www.socialmediatoday.com

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