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RX suzuka – Clinical Chemistry Analyser

The RX suzuka is a fully automated, discrete random access clinical analyser. As the largest of the RX series the RX suzuka is capable of carrying out up to 1200 tests per hour including ISEs, providing laboratories with increased efficiency and productivity.

The RX suzuka is designed to be straightforward and easy to use creating a cost effective and reliable solution for high throughput laboratories. 10 STAT positions for urgent samples are available and can be accessed quickly and easily at any time delivering accurate, reliable and rapid results. Up to 44 photometric tests and 3 ISEs can be performed at the same time enabling real instrument consolidation and maximum throughput.

With the RX suzuka you can meet the demands of an increased workload in a convenient and cost efficient way:
* Unique system reliability results in greater accuracy and efficiency
* Unparalleled productivity via economic reagent handling
* Flexibility test menu allowing you to consolidate your routine and specialised testing onto one easy to use platform

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